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Many thanks to Anslee Wilson and her team at A Helping Hand Home Care.  Following my father’s sudden illness, Helping Hand provided home care for my mother in a timely and professional manner.  The in-home providers assisted with round the clock help, and our family became attached to several of the caretakers who showed great compassion and kindness.  I would highly recommend this service – one that is much needed in our community.

Tim West

A Helping Hand Home Care is a blessing to many people and I have to say I had worked some for them when I can and I always have a wonderful time with really good families keep up the good work!

Betty Rogers

My name is Pat Cohen and I am the youngest of 6 children. It never occurred to me that it would one day be my responsibility to care for my mom and dad. That is so unnatural, because they have always taken care of me. J Well, as the Bible commands us, we are to honor our father and our mother all the days of our lives (honor means to care for, in this case). Once they become dependent on their children, and become as children themselves (again, that’s Biblical), it places both parent and child in a very unusual, unnatural and stressful situation.

I have been sharing with my other siblings the care of our mother for 10 years now. Initially, it was no more than just getting used to having a relative come to visit for a week once a month. She was mobile and could do most everything by herself. Now at age 88 and with debilitating health, this has become more difficult. As I stated earlier, I am the youngest of the 6 siblings and I still work. My office is in my home, but as a Realtor, I never know when I will need to leave the house, sometimes unplanned.

I stumbled upon, or I’d prefer to say, God led me to some awesome caregivers. I had tried several people but they were not trained at all; very unprofessional, and simply sat and watched “their” choice of TV while mom sat there basically alone as if they was no one in the room. I didn’t think I could afford anything other than this type of care. I had checked with other support groups for the elderly in town and they were way out of the price range that my mom’s meager social security check could manage. UNTIL, I found (or they found me), A Helping Hand Home Care!!!! They are wonderful!!! They came to my home, asked all sorts of pertinent questions that would allow for them to properly care for my mom not only as a “caregiver” but as a companion to her as well. I have now had 3 different caregivers over the time period that I’ve been using this company and my mother and I LOVE them all. They have become like family. Mom prefers them over me!!!!! They give her their undivided attention and make her feel like she is the queen. Sometimes they actually spoil her too much. J

I want to say a bit about the owner/founder of this company, Anslee Wilson. I’ve known Anslee for years in the Real Estate profession. She exceeded in that area as well. However, I think she has stumbled upon God’s plan for her life. She is awesome. What a sweet, caring individual who genuinely cares about her patients and her employees. She goes out of her way to make sure that all is going well and to make sure that when you need someone, if it is at all possible, she gets them here even if they are not previously scheduled.

Thank you Anslee, Kathrine, Elaine & Marie for your sweet loving care of my mother. Because of you, she actually looks forward to coming to my house above all others. She knows she has loving friends to visit and keep her company.

I am so grateful that we have a professional business for elderly care that is both professional, caring, trained and affordable. It has made my life so much easier.


Pat Cohen

Pat Cohen